Is the BBO Lumen HD LED Poker Table Right for me? 

Is the BBO Lumen HD LED Poker Table Right for me? 


So, after lots of research on all kinds of different types of poker tables, you finally found one that seems just right! But does The Lumen HD Poker Table truly fit your needs? Here is the Planet Game Rooms Guide to the BBO “The Lumen” HD Poker Table.


When it comes to learning about poker tables, it’s recommended to start with finding out about the manufacturer. In this case BBO Poker Tables. BBO was founded in 2006 by George Chao. A passionate poker table who wanted to create high-quality customizable poker tables that would meet the needs of the best poker players around the world. Since its creation, BBO Poker Tables has grown into a successful business that has earned a reputation for quality and innovation in the gaming industry. 

Top 5 things BBO Poker Tables are known for: 


  • Aesthetics: BBO Poker Tables are known to be aesthetically pleasing and add an elegant touch to any room. 
  • Functionality: Designed to provide optimal functionality for playing poker. For example, built-in cup holders, chip trays, and card slots that make playing poker more convenient and enjoyable.
  • Quality and Durability: High-quality construction and durability. They are made using premium materials such as solid hardwood and top-grade leather. This ensures that the table will last for a long time even with regular use.
  • Customizations: BBO Poker Tables offer a wide range of customization options. Customers can choose from different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to create a table that suits their specific needs and preferences. They also offer personalized graphics and logos to add a unique touch to the table.
  • Reputation: BBO Poker Tables has a good reputation in the market, with positive reviews and feedback from customers.

Why choose The Lumen HD Poker Table?  


The Lumen HD Poker Table is known for its sturdiness, functionality, and luxurious design. It is a great table for anyone looking for an impressive poker atmosphere at home. It is also a fantastic addition to any casino that wants to create a stylish and serious atmosphere. 


Top Features: 


  • 11 Player Positions (10 Players + 1 Dealer) 
  • Solid Wood Napa Pedestal Legs
  • Integrated LED lighting trim


Optional Add Ons: 

  • Cup Holders 
  • Matching Rectangular Dining Top (Hide your table in the dining room - only your poker buddies will know!) 
  • BBO Nylon Poker Soft Cover 
  • Dealer Tray
  • Drop Box & Bill Slot
  • Fully Customizable Graphics Lab
  • Wifi Remote - Smart LED lighting
  • Shufflers
  • Mounted USB Smart Chargers


As you can see this poker table has the ability to come fully decked out to meet your poker game needs. 

Why this table may not be for you:


This table may be the best way to impress your friends, but it can come at a cost. Here are some things to consider when purchasing The Lumen HD Poker Table. 


  • Expense: It is considered a higher end table. An expensive poker table may not be worth the investment unless you are a serious poker player or host a lot of poker games. 
  • Size: It is quite big (101.5" x 46" x 30.5”). It may not be worth it if you have a smaller space you are working with. You may want to consider a round poker table instead. For example; the BBO The Nighthawk Round Poker Table might be a better option for smaller spaces. 
  • Not Portable/Foldable: Once this table is up, that is pretty much where it stays. If you are looking to only pull out your poker table during game nights you may want to consider a table that can stow away easily. If you are looking for a similar shape and size table to the Lumen we suggest taking a look at the BBO Prestige Folding Leg Poker Table.


Review on Reviews:

Based on BBO poker table reviews for The Lumen HD Poker Table

Majority of purchasers of the table find it to be an impressive addition to their game room. One particular reviewer on Amazon excitedly announced that their friends were so impressed that they decided to get one of their own.

Many poker players found the table to be stunning, comfortable to play on, sturdy, and well constructed. 


Will you be ordering this table? 

This high-end custom poker table is a great poker table for serious poker players who are looking for an impressive poker atmosphere at home. It is also a fantastic addition to any casino that wants to create a stylish and serious atmosphere. 


Planet Game Rooms is happy to provide full customizations of The Lumen HD Poker Table. You can either use our “Contact us” page with your request or checkout with The Lumen HD Poker Table and leave your customizations in the comments. 


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