Buyer's Guide: What Pool Table Size is Right for My Room?

Buyer's Guide: What Pool Table Size is Right for My Room?

What Pool Table Size is Right for My Room?

Size is everything when it comes to finding the right pool table. You don’t want one that is too big for your room - leaving you with a crowded playing zone. You also don’t want one that is so small that it ruins the actual gameplay. So how do you figure out what is right for you? 

You need to answer these questions: 

  1. How much square footage are you working with? 
  2. What kind of gameplay experience are you looking to have? 
  3. What is your budget? 

Square Footage

With pool tables, it is important to not only be aware of what the actual footage of the room is, but also pay attention to what obstacles may get in the way of the immediate space around the table. In addition to that - keep an eye out for “above waist” obstacles that can limit play. For instance you might have a fireplace mantel, bookcase, or even wall art that could be disturbed when lining up a shot.

In some cases, you may have space for your pool table, but not enough space to play with standard 4.7’ cue sticks. In this case we recommend using a shorter 3’ cue stick.

Different Pool Table Sizes

Pool table sizes vary greatly depending on the type of game you are looking to play. Here is a list of regulation sizes and the pros and cons of each one.

Seven Foot Tables (Bar Table)

The 7’ pool tables are the most common tables you will find in a bar or club. They make great tables for a family night of fun or if you are looking to take on a hobby. A lot of players start building their skills with this type of table.


  • Smaller size - Fits well in a 13ft x 16ft room.
  • Affordable - Best choice for families or to start a hobby.
  • Regulation Bar Size - Allows you to easily switch from bar to home play.


  • Smaller playing surface - You may notice balls cluster more than they would on a larger table.
  • Skill Building - Harder adjustment if you want to enter tournaments.

All in all, a great starter table for billiards enthusiasts, game nights with friends or family, or an affordable way to start building your pool playing skills. 


8 Foot Tables (Professional/Standard) 

The 8’ pool tables are a happy medium between the 7’ bar pool table and the 9’ tournament pool tables. The 8’ tables offer extra playing surface. This keeps the balls from clustering and allows for more precise game play. 


  • Professional Size - Great for tournaments as well as a party activity.
  • Kid Friendly - Shorter players don’t have to worry about reaching all the way to the middle of the table to take a shot.
  • Ideal Size - Fits best in a 13.5ft x 17ft room. 



  • Overall size - Too big for smaller houses
  • Cost - Tend to be on the more expensive side.

These tables are more of an investment but are great for competitive games as well as a great way to spend time with friends/family.

9 Foot Tables (Olympic/Tournament) 

The 9’ Pool Table is the best fit for serious pool players. It is a standard tournament size which allows you to practice for upcoming competitions. The playing surface is big which allows for less shots focused on breaking ball clusters. 


  • Tournament Size - You can jump from your table at home, to a professional tournament easily.
  • Skill building - Allows you to fully develop skills needed for professional games.
  • Competitive Gameplay - Because of the larger size, it allows for a more challenging game among friends. 


  • Large Size - Can take away from the rest of the room. This table fits best in a 14ft x 18ft room.
  • Not Kid Friendly - The large size makes it harder for shorter players to take longer shots. 
  • Expensive - These tables can end up being quite an investment, especially if you want a quality table.

The 9 foot pool table is the best option for serious pool players. Shots on a 9’ table are a lot more difficult to pull off since you have more space. If you are considering purchasing a tournament size pool table we recommend paying close attention to the space around the pool table to be sure you will have enough space to make your shots. 


Best Pool Table For Your Budget


Now that we have taken into consideration the different sizes and types of pool games you are looking for (socially vs professional). It is time to figure out what this might cost you.


In general pool tables can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. Here are some suggestions on how to weigh the cost against the table quality and experience you are looking for.


Size matters: 

As you might have guessed, tables priced at the lower end of the spectrum are also generally the shorter ones.


7ft Pool Tables:

If you are looking for a solid wood table you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 - $4,000. If you don’t want to break the bank we suggest going for a classic MDF wood table which you can find for as low as $1000. Our favorite option for a family game room or as a classy bar table is the Tuscon 7ft Pool Table by Fat Cat.


8ft Pool Tables: 

For more serious players we recommend a slate-based solid wood 8ft table. This can range from $1,500 - $6,000. One of our staff favorites is the Black Shadow 8ft Pool Table by Berner Billiards.


9ft Pool Tables:

Tournament or Olympic pool tables are fantastic if you are looking to go pro and can range anywhere from $2,500 - $10,000. You will definitely want to spend more on a slate-based table as you want to make sure you are playing on the smoothest and most level surface possible. 


Note about Slate Pool Tables: 

It is important to note that with slate tables - you will need to consider the additional cost of installation. This can range anywhere from $500 - $1000 depending on how many pieces of slate there are to level.

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